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Materials / construction and the anti slip surface of the stair treads

Micostep® stair treads are constructed in two layers (1 and 2) consisting of an under and an upper layer, with the upper layer being the tread. The layers are made from different materials each having their own properties.

Materials stair treadsUnder layer (1):
The under layer is made of a rigid synthetic material which supports the tread. This layer ensures that the stair tread does not curl up at the edges, as is normally the case with carpet stair treads. Another advantage of having a rigid lower layer is that it can be easily stuck down with double-sided tape.

Tread (2):
The tread consists of a textured, rubber-like material. The texture is similar to that of leather (see the illustration). This combination of the rubber-like material and  ‘leathered’ texture, provides a stiff tread with excellent anti-slip qualities.

Application of the stair treads

Interior / exterior:
Micostep® stair treads are only suitable for indoor applications and are not suitable for use outside.
Straight and curved stairwells:
Micostep stair treads are suitable for both straight and curved stairwells.

Dimensions stair treadsDimensions of the stair treads

Micostep® stair treads are available in one size only; see the illustration for dimensions.
They are 3.5mm thick including the double-sided tape.

If the stair treads are too large, they can be reduced in size using the following methods:

•  With an electric jig-saw fitted with a fine-toothed blade.
•  With a heavy-duty pair of scissors or shears. Plate shears for example, used for cutting thin sheet metal.

Easy cleaning of the stair treads
Micostep® stair treads are cleaned easily and quickly using a vacumm cleaner equipped with a brush attachment. If necessary they can be wiped over with a damp cloth.

Simple mounting of the stair tread using double-sided tape
Micostep® stair treads can be stuck down very easily with double-sided tape. The double-sided tape comes together with the stair treads when they are delivered. The double-sided tape sticks easily to smooth, flat and grease-free surfaces such as painted or varnished surfaces.